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On the Control Page

On this page you define the behavior of each sequence. Here, the work area displays three different windows; one for the Start image, one for the End image and one for the preview of the sequence.

The most important elements in producing Morph sequences are the Anchor dots on the Start and End images. You should place dots on the major elements of the two images to define how the animation will move. Each pair of dots determines how the position in the Start image will move to the position in the End image.

When you apply anchor dots to define the movements of your animation, you will see a little green cross in the photo opposite to the one you move your mouse in. This green cross shows you where a position will be moved to (or from) in the final animation, based on the current settings of the dots you have applied so far.

By clicking with the left mouse button on a spot inside one of the images, you add a new dot pair.

When you put the cursor over a dot, that dot and its corresponding dot in the opposite image will be shown larger than the other dots to identify them.

By pressing the left mouse button on a previous added dot, you can drag that dot to a new position.

By clicking with the right mouse button on a previously added dot, you delete that dot pair.

Click on Delete All Dots to delete all anchor dots applied to the images.
Click on Sequence Text to add a text into this sequence. You can choose the desired font, color, transparency and movement of the text. To have two different text strings displayed, one connected to the start image and one connected to the end image, select Use two text strings.

Click on Transition Type and select one of the six possible transitions types, if you are working with a transition sequence.

Click on Return and the sequence will play and then go back.

Use the Start Delay Slider to set the delay before this sequence starts.
Use the Middle Delay Slider to set the delay in the middle of this sequence.
Use the End Delay Slider to set the delay at the end of this sequence.
Use the Play Time Slider to set the duration of this sequence.
Use the Fine Tune Slider to set a more accurate duration of this sequence..

Use Zoom to zoom the images in and out.

Click on Lock Zoom Lock to lock zoom of the two images. When locked and you zoom one image, the other will follow

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